In February 2017 Avon Rotary joined with Link Hands for Learning to help with another school build in the mountains of Nicaragua. 
This group worked hard for 5 days in the mountain community of Taquezal.  Avon Rotary has now been a part of this effort for the past 4 years.  Many of our members have had the opportunity to experience the good work that Linking Hands for Learning has started and continues to do.   Avon Rotary will continue to be a partner in the future as more work is done. 
With the support of our Avon Rotary Club, the non-profit organization Linking Hands for Learning returned to Nicaragua to construct another school. A total of seventeen volunteers traveled to Nica-ragua this past February 2017 to begin the construction effort. The group and its numerous volunteers raised just over $14,000 to build a one-room schoolhouse in the re-mote mountain community of Taquezal. Our club donated $1,000 to the effort. All the money donated to Linking Hands for Learning was used to hire masons, purchase building materials, school equipment, and supplies for the children. The benefitting community of Taquezal is located fifteen miles outside of El Sauce, Nicaragua. When com-pleted, the new school will serve twenty elementary grade students. Previously, the children attended school in a dilapidated structure which was made of adobe. The teacher at the school said, “The adobe walls are a con-cern as they are not strong enough to resist a strong trem-or or an earthquake.” This project, like the previous pro-jects, was a collaborative effort with the Nicaraguan Minis-try of Education (MINED.) They will pay the salary of the
Avon Rotarians Return to Nicaragua
teacher and for the construction and installation of the roof. MINED representative Johana Gámez thanked the volun-teers, which included Rotarians Tom Vonglis, Marcie Williams, and Rob Lupisella for their continued support. The community members of Taquezal worked side-by-side with the volunteers during the construction, including the children who will be studying at the school. At a recent meeting the traveling Rotarians, along with prospective member Tina Fortune, shared information about the recent trip and high-lighted a number of Nicaraguans they have been able to get to know. The personal connections made during years of traveling there, have helped to build a strong bond with the community of El Sauce and the surrounding area.